A fun family portrait session! Adrian & Hoa!

So Adrian & Hoa…I was their photographer for their wedding a couple years ago. You can see more of their Chicago wedding photos at this blog post. THEN…when their little guy was born, Hoa called me up to photograph his baptism!

And now…he is just beginning to walk! Time just flies! I had a great time catching up with these two and spending time with their little guy- He did a great job hanging in while we played and took LOTS of photos-

On a side note: Hoa just started up a cake making business, so if you were wanting a birthday cake or any other kind of cool/custom cake like they have on the Food Network (ie: Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, etc) check out her stuff at: www.mamawacakes.com

A fun picture of the toss up- One of the best things to do before he gets too big-

A cute portrait…all strapped in his radio flyer

The roles were reversed as Hoa wanted to be pulled!

What a cute smile!

It’s so fun to see kids who are just learning to walk…you can just picture him falling on his booty in this photo-

I think he enjoys pulling on his dad’s hair-

Great hand eye coordination…ET phone home! I love these types of ‘lifestyle’ photos…not anything super posed, just life and having fun!

A nice family portrait- Nakai style!


And lastly…a photo of some hands and shoes- love it!

If you were interested in a family lifestyle portrait session, feel free to contact me! Photo sessions also make great gifts! =)

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