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You have got to love the fall colors! – Brittany + Vaido!

I love fall weather. I have such fond memories playing football as a kid…crunching leaves under your feet and getting tackled in the grass. I love wearing my shorts as long as a I can until it is just too cold. I love breaking out the sweaters and light jackets…before the cold/frigid Chicago weather rolls in and we are buried under wool and down jackets.

Needless to say, it was a perfect autumn afternoon for an engagement photo session. Not too hot…not too cold. Beautiful. We were in Naperville, IL (a suburb of Chicago) at a remote park. It was so peaceful. Nobody was around. You could almost hear the leaves landing on the ground as the wind took them from their branches.

I met Brittany & Vaido at Inga & Jeff’s wedding last year (see their wedding at this blog post). Referrals from past clients are the greatest compliment! They are the owners and chefs for Truffleberry Market, a boutique catering company in Chicago. Since we will be heading to Cabo, Mexico for their destination wedding this upcoming winter, we took advantage of this perfect fall afternoon to capture some fun and creative engagement photos!

Brittany and Vaido had mentioned to me at our first meeting that they were a tough couple to photograph, but they wanted ‘real’ photos of themselves. They love how I capture emotion and love in my imagery. I’ll admit, I felt a little bit of pressure, but after 10 minutes into the photo session…my worries were alleviated…they were great to work with!

I LOVE this moment! For all you photographers out there reading this blog post…this was shot manual focus with a Nikon 50 1.2 lens (yes…a Nikon 50 1.2 you read that correctly!). It’s an old lens and that ‘glow’ you see in the photo is not from photoshop…it is a function of the lens at 1.2- when used appropriately…it looks great!

Vaido is such a fun guy…I didn’t tell him to run backwards…he just did that spontaneously! Look at the beautiful red, orange and yellow fall colors on the tree!

A photo documenting a real moment between these two-

The autumn leaves falling like snow

Possibly my new favorite black and white photo I have in my portfolio

We are in the midwest…gotta take photos of the prairie fields. It’s so funny to see California photographers commenting that they wish they had prairies to take photos of. Yes…here they are- we have lots of them in Illinois!

The suburbs of Chicago are full of great nature preserves…Naperville is no exception!

I felt like was shooting for a J.Crew catalog. If only we had time for 50 outfit changes!

For some reason…I am really loving how she has her eyes closed in this photo. I have the same photo a moment before with her eyes open, but this one feels right-

He can’t help but to laugh!

Trying to be a little creative with the usage of lines. It is such a strong compositional element-

And a full autumn palette of colors in one tree…and in one photo? Yes please! Oh yea, and let’s not forget to mention the great looking couple. =)

I love Brittany’s smile in this picture.

I love this portrait of the two of them.

You can hire Truffleberry Market to cater your next event and you’ll find out just how awesome they are!

Before we called it a night…we took a few more photos with one more outfit- but to be honest…I loved their shoes! =)

Thanks you guys for phenomenal time! I can’t wait until Cabo! And keep up the great work at Truffleberry Market! And I leave you guys with one last photo!

with love,


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