Destination eSession…North Carolina – Dru & Nicole

This upcoming wedding season I am super excited to travel across America. First stop? Durham, NC. I have known Dru for most of my life…since I was 7 years old? Something like that. We even roomed together in college. Needless to say, I was super excited when he found the love of his life in Nicole.

Since she is finishing up graduate school at Duke University, we flew out east for their engagement photos. It was my first time in ‘the South’ and Nicole made sure I had a good sampling of Southern food. Hush puppies, grits, bbq (southern style) and sweet tea . mmmmm…

This little joint ‘Cookout’ is a dangerous place. Durham’s best value. I think I would eat here all the time if I lived around here…

So to begin ‘the longest eSession ever’ we started at Duke University as the sun was setting.

Practicing their dancing moves-

Duke has amazing architecture…as seen in these photos-

The following day we went to Sarah Duke’s Garden. A gorgeous garden with all kinds of picture perfect moments.

Nicole is taking out her academic frustration on Dru’s six pack. =)

This is the bridge where Dru proposed…

A Bamboo forest….it was pretty cool. I felt like I was in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon…except that we couldn’t fly. But still…it was magical nonetheless.

Random fun….if you haven’t picked up on it yet…these two are constantly goofing around and cracking up…

And right before my flight…the sun was warm and ‘yummy’ and so we headed out to a field for one last photoshoot.

And despite what you see here…they really do love each other.

So there you go! Thanks for a great weekend you guys and I can’t wait til NEXT May! =) It was great getting to hang…and thanks for introducing me to such quality programing such as “Flava Flav”. lol…good times.

but in all seriousness…May the Lord continue to use the both of you mightly in your last year of singleness.


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