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Aurum & Sarah’s Wedding!

I have known Aurum since our days in high school when we attended rival schools (I went to Niles West, he went Niles North). He was a cocky, arrogant volleyball player who loved to show up the opposing team. You’ll have to ask me to imitate how he arrogant he was on the v-ball court.

Needless to say, God had entered his life and changed him from the inside out. We eventually became roommates and so it was an honor to photograph his wedding last month.

Earlier this year, I even got to photograph Aurum’s proposal to Sarah- It was such a great time and a beautiful moment to have photographed (so if you know any guys who are going to propose…have them shoot me an email…=) )

Needless to say, their ceremony was an amazing blessing and testimony of God’s faithfulness in their lives. Two hearts joined together to become one.

I hope these images connect with you in some way. And if you feel so inclined…please leave a comment, they are always appreciated! =) Also, a quick shout out to Alex Roy who helped second shoot….

Aurum had the Chucks custom made for their wedding colors and monogramed with each groomsman’s nickname.

After getting ready, Aurum and Sarah had a ‘first glance’ moment together before we headed out to take pictures. I love these moments…

We headed out to the beautiful Chicago Botanic Gardens for some quick snaps before the ceremony began…

I couldn’t resist showing these sets of images…

All the flowers and centerpieces were done by my good friend Grace of Vale of Enna. If you are in need of some creative and amazing arrangements…check out her stuff- I am actually working again with her this upcoming weekend-

Gorgeous bride with her gorgeous bouquet.

You’ll be seeing more of Jeremy at a later time on this blog. =)

So many of my friends were in attendance…I could probably post 100 pictures with a shout out to each person…but Ed gets a shout out cause I really like this picture. Sup Ed.

These two get a shout out cause they are my fellow Skokians. (?) Sup James and Mike-

I love this picture…

Where all the power comes from…

Like I said…I lived with the guy and if you know him, you know that this is what it is about….right here.

I apologize for the reflection, but I could only take these shots through a glass window- but the moment makes up for the reflection…

Bottoms up! But before you move on with your thoughts…let me make the disclaimer that she just downed a glass of Welch’s Sparkling White Grape Juice- =)

The craziest two games EVER. I think you can figure out how these games work…

foul man…just foul…borderline cruel.

I think Aurum agrees.

This is an awesome pic…makes it in the set b/c of Marah (the girl in yellow). I think someone yelled out “pretend like you don’t want to see them kiss!” and…

way to go Marah!

lol…but yea a quick congrats to Marah and Chris on their recent marriage as well!

Thanks so much you guys! You know how happy I am for the both of you! May you continue to depend on Him for guidance and wisdom as you serve Him faithfully in whatever you do!

Thanks again!

by His grace,

Kenny Nakai


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