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WPPI – Wedding Photography Convention…

So yea…I am WAY behind on my blogging. March was one intense month. I think I have finally recovered. Enough to begin posting about it at least.

WPPI…the largest wedding photography conference in the world. It also marks the beginning of my journey into wedding photography. I always tell Kenny Kim that his blog post about WPPI 2007 was integral to my growth as a photographer. From there I surfed my way over the Mike Colon and Becker’s websites. From Becker’s WPPI blog post…I was introduced to so many great photographers whose blogs I would then subscribe to.

Needless to say, I was uber excited to go to WPPI 2008. Though I could not stay for the whole convention, I got way more than I ever bargained for in my limited time there.


Special thanks to Kenny Kim for guiding me through the craziness of WPPI. Here’s a shot of him getting to know his new ‘baby’…his Mark III. This was right after Bob Davis gave him some suggestions on his camera settings. I also got to talk to Dawn Davis for little bit…such and encouraging and awesome couple!


Kenny Kim
also got to be the official photographer for the ‘Young Guns’ opening ceremony panel. Here’s a shot of him doing his thing photographing Jim Garner (creator of the Boda Bag) during an interview before the panel started.


Here’s a shot of David Jay, who’s Open Source Photo forums have been a great resource for me this past year. Though I was standing next to him so many times, I never did get to talk with him, as he is quite the popular guy. Something to look forward to next year.


And perhaps the next most influential person (after Kenny Kim) in my photographic endeavors is Mike Colon. Hrmmm…let’s see…I have a D3. I use Lexar cards. I have an epson P-5000. I have a Sony video light. But more than the technical side of photography…I love how he stays real to family, friends, and beliefs.

Here’s a shot of him at the Lexar booth.


I also got to meet Ray Santana. Just before WPPI I happened to pick up my first copy of Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style Magazine. Mike and Ray were all over this issue- good stuff too.


Here’s a shot Ray took with my D3-


So I asked Kenny Kim to grab a shot of Ray and I…Ray definitely caught me off guard in this shot.

Another shot off of Kenny’s blog. A bunch of us after eating at the Bellagio buffet. Also…a quick shout out to Anna Santana, and Julie Colon as well!

David Escalante grabbed this shot of the three of us- David is known to have Jedi mac powers.

I got to hang with these guys quite a bit…Back row: David Burke, Geoff Johnson, Erin Melenbacker, Kenny Kim, Joey Bowles, Front row: myself, Shane Melenbacker, Julie Morris,

It was an awesome time…I can’t wait til next year!


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