Nakai Photography Interviewed on Bridal Wave LIVE TV!

I just had a great time with the folks over at Bridal Wave! Kenmore just started Season 2 of their Bridal Wave show! They have a full studio where they record and produce TV and radio programs.

I was able to share some tips and with the Bridal Wave audience regarding wedding photography! They even had a cool online chat…so I was able to field questions from the internet audience! This was my first ‘TV’ interview and I don’t think you can tell if I was nervous or not! =)

Thanks to Tammy & Judy from Kenmore for producing and directing a great program! And a shout out to Azure from and Chris from who were great hosts for the show!

You can watch my interview and wedding photography tips on Season 2 Episode 2…I show up at around the 24:10 min mark in the show! Check it out!

chicago wedding photographer bridal wave interview

Bridal Wave is a great resource for couples planning their weddings! I hope you enjoyed some of my tips and the other episodes on Bridal Wave!

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