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A Bangkok Wedding! Nina + Phil!

Destination Wedding: Bangkok, Thailand

Nina and Phil planned an amazing destination wedding in Bangkok, Thailand! Since so many of their family members are from Thailand and Korea, it only made sense to have their wedding ceremony in Asia! And if you are going to have a destination wedding in Asia…Thailand is the place to be! =)

They decided to host the traditional Thai + Korean (Paebaek) Ceremonies at the ridiculously gorgeous + luxurious 5 star hotel called: The Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok. A few days later, they held their ‘western’ ceremony in the southern tropical islands of Thailand! More photos from that ceremony to come! But for now…enjoy the cultural experience of these traditional Thai + Korean wedding photos!

A photo of their Thai wedding outfits-

The Sukhothai Hotel has all kinds of beautiful art pieces throughout their facility. Here is Nina’s necklace on one piece of Thai artwork

A photo of Nina getting help w/her Thai wedding dress

Love the details!

A photo of the beautiful bride!

Now for this…I ‘think’ this is a Thai ceremony…where you walk down and breakthrough the chains by bribing the gatekeepers.

A cute photo of the youngest gatekeeper!

Let the ceremonies begin!

Nina and Phil also changed into the traditional Korean wedding dress called a “hanbok” for their “Paebaek” ceremony

Some Paebaek detail photos-

The parents and family members throw chestnuts into the cloth to determine how many kids they are going to have! It’s so much fun! You can see the chestnuts in the air in the photo!

After the Paebaek Ceremony, they changed back into their Thai wedding dress for the Thai water ceremony-

A photo of Nina’s mom pouring water over her daughter’s hands

A photo of The Sukhothai Hotel- They had all these wonderful lilies in the pond for their wedding!

After the ceremonies were over, we walked around The Sukhothai Hotel for some creative wedding photos!

Love this photo in a lounge at the Sukhothai hotel-

Incorporating more Thai art into their wedding photos!

The entrance to the Sukhothai Hotel- Bangkok, Thailand

And we finished the night off on top of the Banyan Tree Hotel…at Vertigo! Amazing views. Definitely worth visiting if you are in Bangkok, Thailand!


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