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Bridal Party was shocked at the PDA! Sue + Mike’s Wedding!

You might remember Sue + Mike from the engagement session with the lighthouse. We had a great time hanging out and getting to know each other a little better on that day trip. There were a bunch of great photos, (you can see more at this blog post)but this was one of my favorites:

So one of the things I discovered about Mike…is that he isn’t too big on PDA (public displays of affection). So I was really interested to see how he would fair on his wedding day! But I will give him a ton of credit- he was great for the photos and was a great sport through it all. And there were some pretty funny moments throughout our photo session. I think there were times when the bridal party was staring at the two of them in disbelief as they were hugging…having their arms around each other…etc. And it was fun to see all the guests so eager to watch these guys kiss at the reception! The wedding ceremony and reception were held in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Ceremony: First Korean United Methodist Church
655 East Hintz Road
Wheeling, IL 60090

Reception: Bristol Court Banquets
828 East Rand Rd
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

We had so many phenomenal pictures taken during this wedding…but I will only post 30 or so here. More will be posted on my Facebook page this upcoming week..stay tuned!

Here’s a different take on a wedding dress photo-

And for their wedding rings photo…I put them ON THE WEDDING DRESS! It’s hard to tell but the wedding rings are balancing on one of the bustling buttons!

I love this relaxed photo of Mike

I absolutely adored the back of Sue’s wedding dress. The bow was a unique touch-

And a simple portrait. I honestly think this might be one of the best photos of a bride I have ever taken. Don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity…I really like this photo-

Look everyone- they are hugging! They really do love each other! =)

A great fun moment…and we made sure to have some nice fall colors in the background of some photos. It goes so well with the purple/plum colors of the bridemaid dresses.

Yea…the groomsmen look ‘ok’ too-

Mike has such a naturally occurring smile. There is no half smile…it’s all or nothing. And when you see him smile…sometimes you can’t help but to smile as well!

And it is just perfect that Sue is always smiling and laughing too!

We had to get them to calm down for some photos without smiles-

Who would have thought such a cool location exists in suburban Chicago? But that’s what I do…I scout..and I look for unique locations for my clients! Go suburbs! ummmm…yea…I kinda liked the texture, lines and compositional element these giant concrete squares provided- =)

Bridal party photo!

A photo of her wedding bouquet-

Once we got to First Korean United Methodist Church, we had time to grab a few more photos-

Another stunning photo of the bride

One of my favorite photos from the day-

And we should throw the groom in there so he doesn’t feel left out- =)

I usually like to share a lot about my clients and what made their wedding special and unique…but in this case…I am choosing to withhold some photos from the blog. I just want to say that this ceremony was one of the more emotional wedding ceremonies I have ever been to, and it touched many in attendance. This photo says so much without me having to share any details-

Then we headed to Bristol Court Banquets in Mount Prospect, another northwest suburban town-

And I don’t want to get into the specifics of this game…except to say that it was pretty funny and shocking at the same time. I think I closed my eyes during some parts of it…and I’m the photographer! =P

And…we finish with one last photo of their first dance-

Thank you guys for having me as your wedding photographer! I had a great time…and ran into two of my old junior high school friends…one who I hadn’t seen since jr high! I’m so happy for you both, and I pray that He would continue to grow your marriage and in the ways that you will serve him as one.

with love,

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