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Crystal + Joe’s 7 day old newborn!

A couple weeks ago, I headed down to Champaign, IL for my first newborn portrait session! Newborn in the sense that this baby was less than 10 days old! I recently attended a seminar given by an experienced newborn photographer and I was inspired to put my spin on a newborn portrait session. Being the experienced uncle that I am (four nieces, two nephews- thank you very much), I was really excited to see a newborn again. There is just something about their fragility and innocence that just cannot be explained.

A shout out to my friend Nathan, who connected me with Crystal and Joe – most of business comes through referrals, and I appreciate people who help to share my work with others! It’s always good to see you bro!

I hope you enjoy the photos from the youngest baby I’ve ever photographed since forming Nakai Photography!

A quick outdoor portrait- the weather was surprisingly warm for November-

The one thing about newborns, and most moms can attest to this: they change so much…so quickly. After about four weeks, a child looks completely different than as a newborn. I really cherish the opportunity to photograph this little guy after only seven days of life.

Look! He opened his eyes! I love it!

He only smiled for a second or two…but I was able to capture this moment…a photo of mom and dad’s hands- and the rare smile of a newborn!

Another fun part of newborns: the yawns! It’s amazing how big their mouths get!

Another little smile!

The older brother was a great help and even went along with my ‘creative’ photo!

And at last…the new family portrait! Just in time for Thanksgiving!

Thanks Crystal and Joe for sharing your family with me! It was great to spend time with you guys and I’m looking forward to seeing these guys grow up! I hope you enjoyed the portrait session and the photos!

with love,


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