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Embassy Suites (Chicago) Wedding Photography – Nora & Scott

I’ll always remember the events leading up to Nora booking my services as her wedding photographer. After a great consultation, they were excited and were going to contact me a couple days later to finalize things. A week passed and I presumed they had moved on and my assumption was confirmed when I got an email from Nora explaining that while she loved my work, but that she could not fit me into their ‘budget.’ I was a little down as they were totally into my creative – artistic photojournalism style of photography and I thought we would have worked well together.

A couple hours later I get a phone call, “Kenny this is Nora, DISREGARD MY EMAIL! I HAVE to have you as my photographer- If that means no limo, then we’ll get a school bus, but I HAVE to have you!” =) And true to her words, we rode around Chicago in a converted school bus on the day of her wedding- But you know what? We have images that will last forever- =)

So you can be assured that I really wanted to do my best for Nora & Scott-

Here’s a couple images from their engagement session from Wicker Park in Chicago. You can see the rest of the images here.

***you can find more images from this wedding on my facebook page – feel free to ‘friend’ me if you can’t see them!”

We started the day at the Embassy Suites right off Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

Nora wore a pair of ballet shoes- I love the personal touch in all the little details-

I was able to find a little ray of light to grab this creative shot of the wedding bouquet.

Since the guys were all done, we headed downstairs from some creative portraits. The Embassy Suites has a cool restaurant that let us use their facility.

As a surprise, Nora gave Scott and his family cufflinks made in Scotland with their family crest- Talk about sweet-

The church was none other than St. Mary’s of the Angels in Chicago-

I always try to show the overall ambience when shooting a bride walking down the aisle. St Mary’s of Angels definitely has a nice backdrop! =)

A bagpipe sounded to lead the newly weds down the aisle!

We headed out to Washington Park in downtown Chicago (right across from the Newberry Library) for our creative portrait session.

A view of the Embassy Suites from above-

One of my favorite moments from the night-

Before we called it a night, we headed outside to grab a couple shots- after all, we are in downtown Chicago!

Thanks you guys for having me as your photographer and for giving up so much for me to be there- I hope it was worth it! =)

with love,
Kenny Nakai


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