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Ajit & Alma’s Wedding! – Nakai Photography

Ajit lives in California and Alma lived in Illinois. After all the late night phone conversations and cross country flights, they were finally wed this past summer. No they don’t have to look at pictures of each other, they just look over every morning and see the love their life, just lying in bed beside themselves. =)

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I started the day at Alma’s house with her family. Special thanks to David Lai for helping to second shoot.

Alma’s getting some help with her shoes-

These girls couldn’t resist peeking in and they couldn’t contain their smiles-

The family had a prayer service before the wedding ceremony-

Remembering past relatives-

We had a couple moments to grab a couple shots of Alma by herself-

The best man checking out the groom’s reaction-

Someone found something a bit more interesting than the ceremony- =)

He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her-

Here is a large gathering of ‘uncles’ where they chant and shout together. It was crazy fun and the experience was surreal. You just cannot understand it by looking at a photograph or video-

For the first dance, Ajit & Alma surprised everyone by busting out a crazy choreographed dance! I love the energy they showed, a perfect ’10’ from this judge!

He picked up the mic and started throwin down some rhymes

By the way, I love custom lighting. It adds so much to the photos-

And you might be wondering, ‘where are all the creative portraits?’ Well the ceremony went longer than anticipated, and it ate into our photoshoot, (so we didn’t any pictures) but I really wanted to have some creative shots with these two. So I pulled them out of the reception and we had a few minutes to get these shots.

Thanks you guys for a wonderful celebration! I learned a lot of new customs and experienced a little more Indian culture. Thanks for your patience, and I hope it was worth it-

with love,

Kenny Nakai


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