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Anisa + Imran’s Multiday Wedding Celebration!

Photos from my first Chicago Pakistani Wedding!

Anisa and Imran flew my out to San Francisco, CA for their engagement photos earlier this year. It was the city of their first date! =) If you missed out our killer SF MOMA engagement session, be sure to check the photos out! And since we spent a good amount of time together out in California, spending time with them during their multi-day wedding festivities was a lot of fun!

They had small party at the swank Galleria Marchetti- a really cool venue that is really close to my photography studio!

The patio area of Galleria Marchetti

We took a few photos in their garden area- I loved this moment between them-

The following day- they had two Pakistani wedding celebrations going on at the same time- I was with Anisa taking photos at her party, and I had Robb come out to help cover Imran’s party!

A fun photo!

The same Pakistani ceremony at Imran’s party!

Fast forward to her wedding day- a detail photo of Anisa’s wedding sari-

And with most saris, it takes careful effort and measurements to get it ‘just right’. This little guy is checking out the folds to make sure they are done ‘just right’ =)

Anisa was AMAZING to photograph. She blew me away throughout the day. Thank you Anisa for your confidence and trust in me as your wedding photographer!

I LOVE THIS PORTRAIT of Anisa. Amazing. Stunning. Beautiful. Something about this photo…I love my job as a wedding photographer to capture an amazing portrait a bride on her wedding day.

Definitely have to have a photo of their Pakistani milk ceremony

Anisa waving goodbye to her parents as she leaves their home as a single woman for the last time!

The wedding ceremony was held at the Ismaili Center in Chicago. As it was a Pakistani Muslim wedding ceremony, there were no photographs allowed. So once they came back downstairs, I was able continue my wedding coverage- Here the groom needs to bribe these two girls…and that would be a nice fat bill in Imran’s hand-

After leaving the Ismaili Center- we headed to nearby park in Chicago for their creative wedding photos-

I really enjoy the simplicity and colors of this photograph

And one thing…Imran is great at making his bride smile. =)

Another amazing photo of Anisa.

Love this moment-

The stunning newly weds-

Anisa almost seems like she belongs in Pakistani Wedding magazine!

My favorite portrait of Imran-

What a good looking couple-

…and yet the know how to laugh and have fun!

Their wedding reception was held at The Stonegate in Hoffman Estates.

A photo of their wedding cake

A Stonegate room shot-

The sun was setting…we had to go outside to grab a couple photographs after Anisa changed outfits!

A totally different hairstyle- a nice evening look-

A Pakistani wedding tradition of crushing ceramic discs-

First dance photos!

I turned off my flashes to grab an ambient light photo-

Anisa dancing with her niece!

And one last photo of the newlyweds!

Thank you Anisa and Imran for having me as your wedding photographer! It was truly an honor to celebrate with you over the course of four days! My only wish…I wish you guys weren’t in SF! Well…I guess I have friends to visit when I had out there!

Congrats again!

with love,

your wedding photographer, Kenny Nakai

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