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3 Helpful Tips for Wedding Planning // Vow to be Chic

3 Helpful Tips for Wedding Planning!

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The folks over at Vow to be Chic wanted to share these 3 Helpful Tips for Wedding Planning with our readers!

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Groomsmen Gifts – Groomsmen Gift Source

One of the biggest challenges during wedding planning is deciding which gifts you should get specific people within your wedding party. And when it comes to your groomsmen, making this decision can be even harder.

Since you know the boys so well, you want to give them something special that they’ll remember you and your bride with long after the wedding.

In comes personalized groomsmen gifts. The source: Groomsmen Gift Source.

Groomsmen gift source provides you with an array of personalized groomsmen gifts, suited for almost all kinds of groomsmen. The dapper boys can get cufflinks, tie clips, and leather wallet gift set, while the liquor aficionados can get personalized flasks and tote glasses.

The personalization comes with the engraving of each groomsman’s initials into each item you buy, plus the gift box.

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Online Wedding Registries – Amazon

Amazon stopped supplying books only to avid readers. Nowadays, they can help you manage an easy, versatile, and robust online wedding registry. And by far, it is one of the biggest in the market.


Because with Amazon’s online wedding registry, you can register with more than 300 different brands, offering a flurry of different products and options. Plus, the registry extends beyond just giving gifts, tapping into honeymoon travel, experiences, and cash funds.

Even better, Amazon’s online wedding registry allows you to have bigger gifts, with the guests having the option of splitting the gift fund.

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Joy Wedding Planning App

Yes, you have a physical wedding planner helping you deal with the nitty-gritty of your big day. But have you considered getting a virtual one?

The Joy wedding planning app is exactly that.

Built to help organize your to-dos, allow your guests to share photos and messages, and keep everyone in the loop on how far you’ve progressed with the preparations, the Joy wedding app offers much more than a physical wedding planner would.

You can use their website to get started or download their mobile app for an even better experience.


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