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Prom Dress => Wedding Dress! Elizabeth + Dan’s Wedding Photos!

Elizabeth & Dan went to high school together. Good ‘ol New Trier High School…in the northern shore suburbs of Chicago. They even went to prom together! She told him she liked him…and…Dan being a typical high school guy…didn’t quite know how to respond. =)

College put some distance between them. Like 48 states in between. Thus…out of sight out of mind? Almost. I’m sure there are chapters in between, but let’s fast forward to the end of the story…where years later sparks are rekindled and…bata boom bata bing…they are now married!

We had a great time at their lake shore engagement session photoshoot…it was good for them to be in front of the camera…so on their wedding day, they didn’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable having their pictures taken.

Since their families live so close to one another in the northshore suburbs of Chicago, it only seems fitting to have their wedding ceremony there as well. The Kenilworth Union Church, with it’s wonderful architecture and beautiful courtyard, was a perfect fit. After the ceremony, we headed down Lake Shore Drive, through downtown Chicago, to the W Hotel Chicago City Center. A reception venue with a great vintage and modern vibe.

Kenilworth Union Church
211 Kenilworth Ave
Kenilworth, IL 60043

The W Hotel Chicago City Center
172 West Adams St
Chicago, IL 60603

Elizabeth’s wedding dress looked at home in her parent’s living room.

Her wedding shoes by J.Crew

The younger sisters helping to put the finishing touches on her wedding dress-

When the other two bridesmaid’s walked in…they were a little overwhelmed-

A couple photos of the gorgeous bride!

I suppose I should post a couple photos of the groom as well- =)

A photo of the guys-

Some photos in the courtyard of the Kenilworth Union Church

Taking advantage of the stonework surrounding the church

I love their expressions in this photo-

Wedding photography was a high priority for Elizabeth & Dan. They appreciate the way I incorporate architecture into my wedding photography, and I really wanted to make sure I did a good job for them-

I love the way he is looking at her in this photo-

Leaving Kenilworth, we headed downtown…and on the way we stopped at a bridge where we could capture “Chicago” with various architectural details.

The pink flowers just pop in the color palette of this photo-

You can just see it in his eyes….just how happy she makes him feel-

I saw this moment about to happen and I ran across the street to grab this photo. I didn’t prompt them or anything…this was how they were walking…I’m sure some of them didn’t even know I was taking this photo.

Wonderful floral arrangements-

The main ballroom at the W Hotel Chicago City Center-

The wedding cake with pink accents

Pink floral centerpiece-

Cocktail hour at the W Hotel-

Look at her smile as they dance their first dance as newly weds. I can only begin to imagine some of her feelings at this moment-

Wedding ring surrounded by pink orchids-

And to finish the night…a surprise from Dan’s brother…a midnight carriage ride through Chicago.

Elizabeth and Dan…though you guys have known each other for years…it is so very obvious in these photos and others…just how much you guys love each other. You are loved by so many…thank you for having me as your wedding photographer. I wish you both the best!

with love,


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