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Holiday Photos with a Snowman!

I’m so excited! My first ever family portrait promotion!

And of course…a family portrait w/frosty! It is a holiday card portrait session!

The next time “N” visits the studio for a portrait session, he won’t need mom & dad’s hands to stand up…he’ll be running around!

He liked his moose. So much that he wouldn’t turn him around for me to take a photo of the two of them! =)

A fun family portrait! So simple, but yet I love it!

I love all of their expression in this photo!

And lastly…a portrait of the little guy. “N” crawled right up to me and was staring at himself in my lens. He was so close…that you can see a reflection of me in his eyes!

So if you happen to know of anyone who might be interested in a “Last Minute Holiday Card Portrait” let them know about this limited-time-only promotion!

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