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Destination Maternity Session! Stuttgart, Germany for Carolyn & Chris!

A couple years ago, I was the photographer for Carolyn & Chris’ engagement and wedding photos! We’ve had so many fun photoshoots together! Most recently…they flew me out to Stuttgart, Germany for a maternity photo shoot! The baby is due later this month, so we had a great time working with ‘the bump’! =)

Since they are only in Germany for a little time more, we wanted the photos to reflect ‘Germany’ as this was where their marriage started and where their first child will be born.

We headed out to a local ‘castle’ where royalty used to live. I love the architecture and color in this photo….but I LOVE the shadow of the bump on the wall! Make sure you check it out!

Chris likes to pretend he understands the ‘pains’ of labor- what a funny photo!

Carolyn & Chris love good photography and I always enjoy working with them….this was a pretty photo-

In Illinois, everything is flat…but in Germany…there are a lot of hills- a cool silhouette photo showcasing her maternity phase- =)

Love the sun rays shinning through in this photograph

The ‘glowing’ soon-to-be parents!

America is relatively young. Europe and Germany have lots of cobblestones- something you definitely realize when you are pregnant….so I’ve been told. =)

Love this moment-

One of my favorite maternity photos from the day-

Pregnant and growing? Yup!

Thanks for another great time in Germany guys! It was fun just hanging out and spending time with you guys! Can’t wait to see the new addition on skype when the time comes!

with love,


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