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A Destination Engagement Session to NOLA Part 2! Hannah & Jason!

In cased you missed the New Orleans Destination Engagement Session Part 1 – be sure to check it out! We took photos in the Garden and warehouse districts of NOLA. For part 2, we had a night shoot in the warehouse district and French Quarters, as well as a daytime shoot at the French Quarters and we hit up a bayou!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I am a wedding photographer available worldwide for destination weddings! But for fun…I’m also available for destination engagement sessions too! Like this trip to New Orleans. It was my first time in NOLA, and I had a great time exploring the city. I was inspired by the culture, architecture, and of course…the food. =)

To start things off for part 2 of our destination engagement photo shoot, we returned to the Warehouse district after the sun had set. I love Jason’s natural smile in this photo.

And then by accident…I was bending down changing some camera gear, when I saw this…and I had to take a photo-

One of the more technically difficult photos of the night. I love the motion blur caused by the moving vehicles. New Orleans architecture all around them. And of course…they look good too =)

Since this was my first time in New Orleans, I was told I have to eat a beignet. Fried dough? ummmm yes please! So we headed to the famous Cafe Du Monde in the French Quarters. Even though it was late after dinner…Cafe Du Monde was still crowded, and the ‘heart-attack-in-a-napkin’….I mean ‘beignets’ were still fresh out of the fryer! Oh. my. good. ness. It was good.

If you are ever in New Orleans, be sure to stop by – here’s a photo of the place…with Jason and Hannah relaxing and having a good time. This photo reminds me of a famous American painting. Though at this moment, the name of it is slipping my mind. Let me know in the comment box if you know what I am talking about! =)

More French Quarters at night photos

When people visit New Orleans, they usually head out to Bourbon street….We were there on a weekday, and I was told it gets packed on the weekends.

More French Quarters photography

The next morning, we headed back out to the French Quarters to grab some photos during the day.

I love all the balconies in the French Quarters…well they are all over NOLA. This one was getting remodeled, but I thought it looked cool and thought to grab a photo-

Love this black and white photo. Yes…that would be the French Quarters. Here in Chicago, we don’t have architecture that looks like this.

And to close out our day, we had a photo shoot at a bayou! We have lakes, rivers and streams in Illinois, but no bayous. I love the symmetry of this photo-

A photo of them on the bridge

This was a fun photo. I love strong composition of the X behind Jason…and I think their pose and smiles are a nicely juxtaposed.

And for our first meal in New Orleans, we had charbroiled oysters from Dragos, which was featured on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” show from the Food Network. Well….the Food Network’s recommendation was so good, that we headed out to another spot as featured on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate“: Domilises for a shrimp po’boy! This place was a real hole in the wall! No larger than your average dining and living room! And it was in a residential area! Our GPS took us there, but we didn’t even see it! It turned out, Domilises was remodeling, and their sign was on the ground. The only way we knew it was there was by the influx of people into the establishment.

But yes…the po’boy here was pretty amazing. The bread was so soft and not chewy. The sauce they used with the shrimp….sandwich heaven. So yea, it’s a little out of the way, but if you want a great shrimp po’boy, I have to agree with the chefs on “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”…well, don’t take my word for it…take theirs! =)

Thanks again to Jason and Hannah for flying this frigid cold Chicago Wedding photographer to warmer weather down in New Orleans! I had a great time with you guys and can’t wait until the wedding! And a shout out to Hannah’s friend Lisa who helped with so many location recommendations for us!

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