Just returned from Tsunami Ravished Lands

It is 4am here in Sendai, Japan. I am here with Churches Helping Churches and I type this blog post in a room full of sleeping volunteers with CRASH Japan. In a few short hours, all will awake and be off bringing much needed supplies to the people throughout the region ravished by the earthquake and tsunami.

But unlike the others, I will be returning to the States tomorrow. I am saddened that I must leave so soon, as I was only here for a couple days…but I am encouraged by the commitment and unity I see amongst the people here in Japan. I have seen first hand how CRASH volunteers are bringing diapers, food, blankets, & even the most coveted of all: fuel (gasoline) to those who need it.

I don’t have time right now for a full write up, nor do I have time to edit all my photos. But I did want to share one image from today. Pastor Naito, of Seaside Church…barely escaped the tsunami (the full story is amazing) but returned to find his church completely gone. Leveled by water. All that remains is the foundation.

The remains of Seaside Church.

But while the building may be gone, there are so many things that cannot be destroyed by an earthquake or tsunami. Like Hope. Faith. And Love. All of which I have witnessed in my short time here in Sendai, Japan.

Please continue to pray for the people of Japan. (as well as for Pastor Naito and the congregation of Seaside Church) Fuel, food and water are still needed though the situation seems to have gotten better. And pray for those volunteering and serving in helping those in need.

Thank you for all the love and support- we all appreciate it so very much!

with love,


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