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ONE Conference 2009 – Jeff & Julia Woods

I’m taking a quick break from wedding related posts to blog about a photographer’s conference I just returned from. There are soooo many workshops and conventions out there and I have attended a number of them myself….

But the ONE conference is unlike any other. It is run by Jeff & Julia Woods and focuses on marriage and business. As small business owners, the line between the personal and business can often be intermingled. ONE seeks to strengthen that which is more important than money…the love relationship.

I packed my camera gear and traveled down to Washington, IL to help Jeff & Julia with capturing a few of the memorable moments from their conference. If you are a photographer and your spouse helps with your business…I strongly recommend considering ONE next year.

To get more info:

And just like last year, the speakers were amazing. Steve & Jen Bebb (affectionately known as “The Bebbs”), Dave & Quin Cheung (of DQ Studios), Kent & Sarah Smith, and Andy & Kia (of Senior Portrait Artists – which I am definitely going to check out).

Each of couple was an open book, not just sharing information, but sharing their lives…as they desired to see couples strengthen their bonds of marriage.

It was great to see the Bebbs again, as I attended their Chicago Bebbinar in June of 08- Their workshop was just what I needed at that point in my career and definitely exceeded my expectations. And they just announced a few more Bebbinar’s coming this fall!

I also enjoyed seeing Dave & Quin in action for the first time. I’ll be honest….I can’t edit without my Quikeys (purchased back in March). It has helped me in so many ways. My time in Lightroom is cut down by 50-75% EASILY. And I can create the albums I want to create and not be stuck into templates. Watch the tutorials to get an idea of what it’s capable of. It’s definitely an investment, but there is no doubt in my mind that it was totally worthwhile.

The PhotoVision crew was working at the conference as well. Ed Pierce had so many of us ‘lusting’ after his gear =) …if you are a photographer looking for some education…photovision videos on DVD is definitely ALOT of bang for your buck- I have two years worth on my shelf.

To all who attended ONE 2009: I hope these images bring you back to those moments…those moments of laughter, tears, and love.

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