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Biltmore Hotel in Miami – The Portfolio Plus Workshop

For some reason Chicago decided to go from summer to winter…totally skipping my favorite season, fall. And like most Chicagoans, we long for the days of summer that seemed to pass so quickly.

This past week I was able to escape the Chicago weather to head down to the Biltmore Hotel in the Miami for the Portfolio + Workshop put on by my friends Kenny Kim, Ray Santana, Becker, and Lawrence Chan (tofurious). I was helping out by taking some photos that captured the moments from the workshop.

The morning was filled with a ton of info from the seminars given by each of the speakers. The pens were scribbling furiously and I hope no brain cells were fried out- Afterwards we had a phenomenal…phenomenal photoshoot at the Biltmore Hotel. The lighting was amazing…the models were gorgeous and Kenny, Ray, & Becker provided awesome hands on instruction. My job was to document the day…but honestly the photoshoot was so phenomenal that I was COMPELLED to shoot. I don’t know the last time I had this much fun shooting.

This morning the guys finished the workshop with a couple hours chatting over coffee and answering any questions.

All in all, everyone had a great time learning, networking and capturing some amazing portfolio pieces.

Here are some images from the day-

Ray printed out some photos on his Epson printer-

Teaching the class- he’s really a funny guy, but when it came time for instruction- he was giving some serious information-

Kenny sharing helpful lessons-

Becker sharing some really practical tips just like he does at the [B] School.

This was the second time I heard Lawrence speak in the past month- He is one smart guy- especially when it comes to SEO. Be sure to check out his site for some more info on what he has to offer.

And onto our shoot! The models were amazing to work with! We started in this Spanish style church and finished shooting on the grounds of the Biltmore Hotel.

The crew of the Portfolio Plus Workshop- Great job guys!


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