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Thailand engagement photoshoot!

Last month, when I visited Thailand, I was able to have an eSession with North & Tangmoe- It’s amazing how my network really came through. My friend lives in Thailand, and her sister works with a mother whose kids are engaged! lol…so we connected and headed out to the Ancient City for some photos! The place was so huge! We didn’t even go through half of it!

Afterwards we headed out to the Erawan Museum – where the mythical elephant with three heads resides. That elephant it so big, you can actually go inside it’s body!

To end our day- they took me out to this amazing restaurant on the ocean! It’s their favorite place for seafood- and I must concur…it was my favorite meal in Thailand. =) Fresh grilled prawns, scallops, fried fish….mmmmmmmmm….~

Thanks North & Tangmoe for a great time in Thailand! It was great getting to know you both- best wishes on your marriage!

with love from America-

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