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Glenn & Nicole’s eSession!

Glenn & Nicole wanted to try something different for their eSession- and they had a few ideas. Glenn is the man behind my current “Nakai Photography” typeface logo. He is also the designer for my business card that has made it on numerous blogs- So no doubt I wanted to do a good job for the two of them-

There are a few more images posted on my facebook profile– so if you want to see more- head on over there!

This photo cracks me up everytime I look at it! =)

Glenn thought I was switching lenses and just threw a fireball at Nicole! I didn’t tell him to do this pose…but I helped his cause with a little photoshop. =)

Thanks you guys for being so willing to try new things! I had a great time, and I hope these images make you smile as you remember all the laughs from the day-

Can’t wait til the wedding!

with love,



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