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San Francisco, California – Engagement Photography pt 2! Anisa & Imran!

Part 2 of Anisa & Imran’s destination engagement photo session! I love destination engagement sessions- last fall I traveled w/Hannah & Jason to New Orleans (NOLA), and we always have a great time traveling, eating good food and getting to know one another better. A new city + fabulous food + great clients = goodtimes! =) Make sure you check out Anisa & Imran’s photos from the first engagement photoshoot blog post…where we were taking photos inside the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA).

For our second shoot in San Francisco, we started at a popular site where Anisa & Imran spent countless hours when they were first dating! Though the place was technically ‘closed’ they were kind and generous enough to let us inside to grab some photos of such a memorable place!

Just a little playful moment. I love their smiles and laughs-

Real smiles and real laughs…real emotions. =)

Then it was her time to return the love. I LOVE Imran’s face! =) =) =)

You would think this photo belongs in a magazine ad or something. What a great looking couple!

I often find inspiration for a photo in the weirdest places. You know where this was taken? In the hallway below Anisa’s apartment. As we were walking through…I thought…”when we leave, we definitely have to grab some shots here!

Right down the street from Anisa’s apartment, there were a bunch of murals…and of course…I love colors and patterns! I found one that I liked, and we grabbed these photos- Can you feel the emotions between the two the these next two photos? I could look at them all day. love. love. love.

Fun times!

The sun was coming out after a drizzly day…and though we were finished w/the shoot, I convinced these guys two walk up the steep San Francisco hill to grab these next three photos. And I think you’ll agree…IT WAS WORTH IT! =)

Possibly one of my favorite shots from and engagement session.

And another ridiculously fun moment!

Thanks to Anisa & Imran for a fabulous time in San Francisco! Though it was my first time…I can’t wait to go back! California is pretty awesome! ESPECIALLY when it is snowing in Chicago! =) Thanks for being such great ‘models!’ You guys did a fabulous job! See you soon!

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