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Jeremy & Johanna’s eSession!

Last month I had the great opportunity to hang out with some old friends from UIUC. They aren’t getting married until next year, but since they have a busy year lined up, they wanted to get their engagement session done this summer.

They wanted images with an urban feel but left the location selection up to me. I love it when people do that. =) So we headed out to Evanston for our eSession-

I’ll be honest, Johanna is a super talented artsy person…so I was really pushing myself to come up with some great imagery- But it helps when the couple is having fun and enjoying the experience- =)

Here’s their ‘photobooth’ set:

We were perusing the cool finds on the sidewalk of some antique store-

Johanna found another store that she wanted to shop at…an additional 20% off the lowest price!

Gotta love the reflection-

Sometimes when I shoot, I know right away which ones are my favorites… other times an image just catches me by surprise when processing them on my computer- this is one of those types of images:

Another one of my favorites:

Ok…the last one of my favorites: =)

And I really like this one too-

Anyways, thanks you guys so much for a great time! And thank for being so willing to do whatever! I can’t wait until next year for the wedding!

with amore- =)

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