Adrian & Hoa’s eSession!

I’m excited to shoot Adrian & Hoa’s wedding later this year. For their engagement photos, we headed out to the area around Union Station for a photoshoot. These two were totally willing to try anything, even jumping on a ledge and act like spiderman! (tho that image didn’t quite make it on the blog =P )

These two are always laughing and goofing around but had to get used to being in front of the camera. These engagement sessions always help make the wedding day portraits go a bit easier as it helps to people get used to being in front of the lens.

Seeing as Hoa is the fourth bride I’ve photographed with a graphic design/art background, I really tried come up with some cool pictures during this set…enjoy!

This is my favorite image from the day…I love Hoa’s expression-

But this photoshoot wouldn’t be complete without showing just how much they make each other laugh- =)

I saw this really cool shot I wanted to get…so I got it…

and for fun…I got some images with cars driving by in front. But this next image was totally unexpected. That cabbie should pay attention to the road!

And as always….here’s their ‘photobooth’ session…funny stuff!

Thanks you guys! I had a great time and can’t wait till the wedding day!

Kenny Nakai

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