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Winter Wonderland Wedding Teaser Photos!

Winter Wedding Photography in Chicago!

This is just a teaser wedding blog post…meaning…only 3 photos are posted…stay tuned for the rest in a couple weeks! Here’s one of my favorites during the peak of the winter snow! Thanks to bride and groom for being willing to take this photo! I love how we were able to get the holiday lights in the background too! A wonderful winter wedding photo in Chicago! =)

winter wedding photography chicago

A Most Beautiful Church!

They got married in an beautiful sanctuary – a hidden gem in Chicago! Since there was so much snow outside…we took the opportunity to take some photos inside! I love to incorporate architecture in my wedding photography…so here is a picture with the bride and groom AND their beautiful church!

beautiful church chicago wedding photography

One last wedding picture in the church!

chicago wedding photography gorgeous church

That’s it for now! Just 3 teaser photos! =) I hope you guys are enjoying the warmer temperatures on your honeymoon away from all this cold winter Chicago weather!!!

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