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Remember the days before twitter and facebook? Before cell phones and text messages? Before instant messenger? Remember the days of talking on a *gasp* land line phone? The days of call waiting and the amazing ‘three-way-conference’ call?

Well…back in those days…I remember talking to my friend Grace on a land line. She had dreams of owning her own flower shop like her aunt. She wanted to design beautiful pieces for others. Of course, in my practical ways I thought, “well that’s a nice dream…but I don’t know how ‘practical’ that really is.”

Fast forward to a few years ago. Vale of Enna was founded. In addition to being a wonderful mother of two, she has quickly become well known and respected for her talents and amazing arrangements. In fact, seeing Grace living her dream was one of the reasons I decided to pursue photography- to pursue my own dream of being an ‘artist.’

So anyways, a couple weeks ago, Grace asked if I could grab some shots of some of one of her latest designs. The wedding was held at the Chicago Cultural Center across the street from Millennium Park. I was happy to head out and grab these for her.

Also present was an old friend and wedding planner, Cindy Kang. So without further!

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