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Wedding Teaser at Union Station // Josie + David!

Wedding Photos at Chicago Union Station

Josie + David are probably still saying good bye to their guests at their wedding reception while I finish up their wedding photography teaser blog post! Some of my favorite photos from their wedding were taken at the Chicago Union Station! It was such a special day filled with wonderful photos, but here are three teaser pictures!

I love the columns outside of Union Station. They are elegant, classic and the perfect backdrop for Josie + David!

chicago union station wedding photos bride groom

Photographer’s tip: Don’t forget to turn around! We took a lot of photos on this staircase, but when you turn around and look back from where you came from…you see this beautiful photo! I love the strong lines inside Union Station juxtaposed with a dip and a kiss!

union station chicago wedding photos bride groom

One last photo…this smile is everything. It’s the smile that David saw and instantly knew this girl had a hold on his heart. As a wedding photographer, I cherish the opportunity to put my clients at ease so I can photograph these very real emotions. =)

chicago union station wedding photos bride groom

Thanks Josie + David for a wonderful day! You guys braved the cold weather for these amazing photos! Can’t wait to share more! Enjoy these for now!

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