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Sunil & Theresa’s Wedding!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! One last post before I go and help cook for Christmas dinner. After this post, I am taking a couple days off from editing and going to Calgary to visit my brother and his family- Can’t wait!

Anyways, here are some pictures from Sunil & Theresa’s Wedding.

To help cover the day, David Lai came out to second shoot with me- I started at Theresa’s house and David started at Sunil’s.

Here’s what I found on Theresa’s bulletin board. Something she looks at everyday-

Dual earring help-

Both houses had family worship and prayer before they left for the church-

We had a couple minutes (literally) to grab some creative shots of the groomsmen before Theresa arrived-

My favorite picture of Theresa-

Ok…sorry about the lack of comments. I need to go help cook now! =) I commented on the photos in a facebook album…so friend me and you can read more!

Thanks Sunil and Theresa for a blessing day! You guys were just full of surprises! May you both continue to grow together as you continually follow after Him. He has worked so mightly in both of your lives, I can only imagine what lies ahead!

with Love,

Kenny Nakai


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