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Nick & Danica’s Wedding!

I have known Nick & Danica since their freshman year at U of I. We were all in the same small group that one year. So many great stories…I was there when Nick sprained both wrists after dunking a basketball. We had crazy NFL 2k1 games in his room on Sega Dreamcast. But more than that, I remember worshipping, studying the Bible and growing together. So yea, I was thrilled when I heard that they got engaged last year!

I had the ultra creative David Lai help me out for this photoshoot-

David started out with they guys while I was with the ladies. Nick and his groomsmen are so much fun and I knew Dave would get some great shots-

I love this shot he took-

Some details-

Her mom helped her to lace up-

I love this shot of Danica-

The ceremony was held at St John the Greek Orthodox Church in Des Plaines, IL. What a gorgeous sanctuary.

I always love it when a couple looks at each other and just smiles. The ability to communicate without words. =)

I love my new ultra wide lens that is able to capture the dome along with the B&G.

There were four groomsmen, and they had to take turns holding these crowns above Nick & Danica’s heads! They had to be holding them for at least 20 minutes. It was somewhat amusing to watch them having to switch positions w/o dropping the crown! =) Mad props to you guys!

The ladies thought it was pretty amusing too-

Afterwards we headed out a park in Rosemont, IL where wedding parties have to purchase a permit to shoot in the park. Though it is a bit expensive, it is good to know that no other wedding parties can bother you while you are shooting. There was even a policeman who came to check our permits!

The ladies adoring the groom. lol…

What a bunch of crazy guys. Gotta love the Street Fighter II fireball-

This was the “abstract” pose. There is deep meaning to it all…just think about it. =)

We then headed out to the Westin in Itasca, IL.

This was my second Russian wedding but the first time with all the cultural stuff. The bread, the shots, and of course…the dancing!

The one groomsman who got the garter off the floor got manhandled by another who wanted it more. Sometimes you gotta fight for it!

They had a sweet table for the guests…and we put the gummy bears to good use!

For the last song of the night, everyone made a big circle as they sang and danced…”bye bye Miss American Pie, drove my chevy to the levee but the levee was dry”

Then we all made a big group hug, which I wanted to be apart of. So I stuck my camera up in the air to grab some shots-

And I wanted to grab some last shots with the two of them…

I was at this hotel in June and wanted to do this elevator shot. But we ran out of time. So I held this image in my head for three months. I was really pleased with the results! It took quite an effort though- =)

Thanks you guys for an awesome time! You really know how to party on the dance floor! What a wonderful celebration! I could have posted another 20 pictures easily! But 60 is more than too much- =)

your friend and wedding photog-

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