Goody & Sorah’s Wedding!

I remember when it all began. During my college years, my roommate Ken & I (yea there was a Ken and Kenny living together) were talking about Goody, and we thought he like this girl Sorah. At that very moment, Goody happens to walk by our open dorm room doorway (we lived on the same floor). Ken called him in and asked him straight up, “So Goody, you like Sorah?”

He smiled and said “Naw, I don’t like her”

“c’mon…you can tell us” my roommate insisted… “we won’t tell anyone”

“No…seriously guys, if I liked her, I would tell you. Seriously.” he replied with the most earnest face. And so the interrogation ended and Goody went on his way.

A WEEK LATER…they are ‘together’. Many years later…MANY years later, we finally get to celebrate their union together. =) Here are a couple pictures from their engagement photoshoot we had back in the summer.

Fast forward to their wedding day. We started off at a hair salon for the hair and makeup. Sorah’s cousin was enamored with her eyelashes. Here she is taking a photo of her eye with her iphone. Talk about mad skillz.

After the salon, we headed to the house for the dress and details. Apparently the family thought Sorah’s cousin looked like a famous celebrity-

I love the little details. So classy. Not to mention the awesome job Sorah’s mom did with all the bouquets and flower arrangements.

I left the house and headed over to the hotel where the men were getting ready.

The older brother helping the younger with the double windsor…

Their ceremony and reception was held at beautiful Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL. Thanks to Joseph Kang for coming out to help second shoot for this wedding! Before we took any pictures together, we had a ‘first look’ moment…

I lOVED this reflection pond-

Push him in!

And you have got to love this custom made Mario & Princess cake! Unbelievably well done-

And a shout out to Roberto Monastero from Monastero Entertainment who mixed another great set- Good to see you again Roberto!

Here’s a traditional Persian wedding spread.

Apparently all the married women rub the two salt sticks together over the couple…

And to finish it off…some confetti beads!

Thanks Goody & Sorah for a great time! It was good to see you both finally married! =) May your love grow deeper as you spend more time playing Mario kart. lol…but seriously…I pray that God would continue to work in both of your lives as you begin this journey together.

with love,

Kenny Nakai

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