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Sheraton Hotel (Downtown Chicago) Indian (Hindu) Wedding Photography – Nipa & Shailu’s Wedding!

Nipa & Shailu held a traditional Indian (Hindu) wedding at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Chicago. They brought in a white horse and dressed in traditional Indian formal wear. Nipa is quite the planner and she took the needs of their families into consideration when she booked the Sheraton as their wedding/reception venue. Located in the downtown area of Chicago, her guests could sightsee during the week and there was enough ballroom space to accommodate all their space requirements for a large number of guests.

They were both really laid back on their wedding day and really let me do what I wanted to do for my photos. On the days leading up to her wedding, she commented to me: “Out of all my vendors, the least person I am worried about is you.” So with that huge vote of confidence, I couldn’t wait for her wedding day to come!

A quick shout out to Bhavini (Samaya Events), Nipa’s wedding planner- who helped make sure all the details were taken care of-

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A simple photo of different parts of her wedding Sari. The details and colors are unbelievable-

Some Indian jewelry, and there was plenty more of this- I think Nipa got a good workout wearing all of this. =)

I really like this shot of the henna details on her foot, along with the toe ring.

One of her bridesmaids imagining what it must feel like with all the jewelry-

She looked absolutely stunning- makes my job as a wedding photographer a little easier.

The Chicago riverwalk with the Sheraton Chicago in the background-

They brought in a white horse! Shailu was riding this guy on the private driveway in front of the Sheraton Hotel.

Loved the red velvet wedding cake.

A huge room at the Sheraton Chicago ballroom-

Her little nieces performed a dance! (as mentioned earlier, you can see more photos on my facebook page)

A tender moment between the two…and though it only lasted for a couple seconds, this is about as real of a tender moment as there was on their wedding day-

Thanks so much Nipa & Shailu for having me! What a great day and you definitely know how to handle the logistics of a multi-day celebration! I’m so happy to have met you both and your families and wish you the best in your new life together!

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