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Creative Wedding Photos! Painting w/Light + Hot Pink Shoes! – Becky & Jonathan’s Wedding!

Becky is bold, full of energy, and not afraid to keep it real- Jonathan is caring, fun and filled with patience and wisdom beyond his years. Knowing Becky’s personality, I knew I could really push the envelope…it was going to be a fun day!

***more than 40+ photos available on my facebook page later this week. Feel free to ‘friend’ me if you want to see those!***

Jonathan wanted a more urban – industrial feel for his wedding photos, after seeing what I have done on other photoshoots. But they were getting married in Wheeling, IL. And if you are not from the Chicagoland area, Wheeling is in the center of the northwest suburbs of Chicago…nice towns and homes…hardly a place one would think to find an urban – industrial location.

But knowing that Becky & Jonathan wanted great wedding photos, I had another creative idea for them, something I have played around with for years and have been wanting to implement at a wedding: “painting with light”.

“Painting with light” is not an easy thing to do as it is…let alone on a wedding day. Yet with all time pressures we managed to pull off four (I’m only sharing three here for now) photos that I haven’t seen done in wedding photography before. Many thanks to the B&G and the bridal party…as this took a lot of work from them!

Here is a “painting with light” photo of the bride with her bridesmaids- The black dresses with pink flowers and ribbons really stand out-

The groom and groomsmen get their own photo…

And then we did a whole bridal party photograph. 22 people! Photographing 22 people can be challenging…and here we are trying to “paint with light”! This was a conceptual photo…I was lying in bed one night the week before their wedding when I thought of this idea for the two of them…I even went out and bought the rope! =)

Working title: “Who Tied the Knot?”

Becky’s wedding shoes were a nice muted color…hot pink =)

Her beautiful mermaid style wedding dress

I absolutely love this photo of Becky …so classic & elegant!

Before our photoshoot, the bride and groom had a first moment together…I love the look on Becky’s face as she contemplates seeing her soon-to-be husband standing before her….

A tear rolled’s tough to see in this small photo-

And in Wheeling, IL (suburb of Chicago) – we found our urban – industrial look!

Fun times! Gotta show off the shoes! =)

The groom putting on the ring…with a very attentive Pastor Min looking on to make sure everything goes right!

One of my favorite moments from Asian weddings…the bride hugging her parents…and her sister is in the background of the photo getting emotional too-

Thanks Becky & Jonathan for having me! Thank you for giving me the time to be creative with your wedding portraits! I hope you are enjoying being in the same ‘home’ let alone the same city! =)

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