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Her: Louboutin – Him: Lamborghini – A wedding distinctly Sheetal & Dhaval

Chicago & New York came together a couple weeks ago for Sheetal & Dhaval’s wedding in Elmhurst, IL. It was a weekend of unexpected events and through it all…a wonderful ceremony and reception as two families celebrated the newly weds!

Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Waterford Banquets
933 B South Riverside Drive
Elmhurst, IL 60126

Decor: Shaadi Creations

***more photos are on my facebook page – check there tomorrow for more than 70+ pictures!***

A photo of Sheetal’s earrings and her Christian Louboutin shoes- Check out the detail in the silver on the shoes

Another shot of the Louboutin- =)

She wore her sari for the morning Indian ceremonies before changing into an evening gown for the reception-

Sheetal’s make up was done by Jane, a beauty specialist from Saks Fifth Avenue-

Waterford looked great as the Indian ceremony was held outside-

A fantastic set up by Shaadi Creations-

In the background…you can see Sheetal’s mom being overwhelmed with emotions

The only moment where she let her emotions in -the part of the ceremony where she says good bye to her family in Chicago.

After the ceremonies were over, she changed into an gorgeous silver evening gown – And while we didn’t have a lot of time, we were able to grab some great photos of the newlyweds!

She got her Christian Louboutin shoes…and he got to rent a Lamborghini – Pretty good deal for both sides!

Being a little creative with Dhaval’s two loves for the day…his woman and the car-

Another creative photo-

Off to the side of the waterford reception hall, there was a sweet lounge set up…I loved the decorative lighting set up.

A photo of the wedding cake

The first dance

Sheetal & Dhaval: when it was all said and done…what an awesome day! Enjoy the photos!

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