Back for more- Ajit + Alma’s 1yr Anniversary photoshoot!

It happens sometimes. On a wedding day. The ceremony goes over by a bit. Well, on Alma & Ajit’s wedding, we really didn’t have anytime for creative portraits! Soooooooooo for a 1 year anniversary treat for themselves, they got all dressed up again! They wanted the photos they didn’t get to have on their wedding day! We took advantage of the Chicago Botanic Gardens and their beautiful flowers for our photoshoot! It was so much fun and so relaxing!

It was also great to catch up and chat…to reminisce about their wedding day…the crazy gathering of ‘uncles’ shouting “nada! nada!” and the surprising first dance…goodtimes revisited! You can see more of their wedding photos and Indian culture at this blog post: Alma + Ajit’s Wedding Photos


One of my favorites from the day!

“my hero!” =P but seriously…he picked her up with no problem or hesitation!

Thanks you guys for a great time together! I loved catching up and being able to see you guys again!

with love from Chicago!

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