Cabin & Deb’s Wedding!

A couple weeks ago, I headed out to St. Louis for Cabin & Deb’s wedding! Before I get started, here’s a couple shots from their awesome engagement shoot last December- you can see the rest of their engagement photoshoot here.

Special thanks to Sharon Yoon for introducing Deb to me…without her, I would have never met this awesome couple!

Anyways, I was super excited and had Nate Mathai join me to help document -their day.

We had a ‘first glance’ meeting before departing for the church. It is an opportunity to for them to have a moment together before all the wedding activities began….

Cabin had prepared a note prepared with a Bible verse and read it to her…

Make sure you notice the cute little hand =)

Possibly one of my most favorite ‘photojournalistic’ type shot thus far. That room was REALLY dark…and my camera, the Nikon D3 at ISO 6400 could handle the situation without flash. Outside the door…Cabin’s father joins the men in prayer…

I love father and daughter moments…

Cabin can’t take his eyes of his beautiful bride

My favorite shot of Cabin and his mother…

After the unity candle…Cabin and Deb were all set to walk out of the church when their pastor had to remind them to kiss! How could they forget THAT?! lol-

If you see Cabin with a black eye…you’ll know why…don’t mess with Deb-

Deb can’t help but crack up during Sara’s toast. I couldn’t help laughing behind the camera either.

I knew Sara (Deb’s sister) during our days at Niles West High School. Back then she was a little cute freshman…and now she’s all grown up and married! It was good to see her and catch up a bit during the reception.

After the reception we headed out to this gorgeous park in St. Louis. Cabin and Deb love fountains and this is one of their favorite locations. It was a gorgeous park…and a beautiful day-

This last image is my favorite. It says so much without saying much at all.

Thanks Cabin and Deb for a wonderful day…I am so thankful to have met you both and look forward to hearing some hilarious ‘married’ life stories the next time we see each other! =)

May the Lord continue to guide your paths as your journey as ‘one’ begins. Praise the Lord!


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