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Lions, Giraffes & Dolphins? It’s at a Zoo! Taz & Kamil!

I’m always happy to meet people who follow my wedding photography blog and my wedding images. So much love goes into Nakai Photography and it’s great to talk with people who have joined me on this journey! SOooo…if you have been following my blog and imagery for awhile…and I don’t know you…please…leave a comment and say ‘hello!’

Taz was one of those people. She has followed my work ever since I had photographed the wedding of her friends Mark and Kerrie Ann back in 2009! And when it was her turn to have her wedding…she really wanted to have me take her wedding photos!

One thing about Taz and Kamil…they love animals! So much that they decided to have their intimate wedding at the Brookfield Zoo! The staff at the Brookfield Zoo were so very accommodating and allowed us to take so many photos with the zoo animals! Enjoy the photos! How often do you see a bride and a wedding dress next to lions and dolphins!

We started with the giraffes!

Said hello the to dolphins

This was my favorite wedding photo from the day~ even though there were no animals cooperating at this exhibit. =)

The lovely bride! She looks amazing!!!

Brookfield zoo is a great place to take wedding photos! I only wish we had more time with the animals!

And the Brookfield Zoo has peacocks walking around! It is rare to get a photo with them with their feathers open! We were lucky!

The happy couple!

Nothing says a wedding picture like a portrait with a lion!

We took a ride on the Brookfield Zoo ferris wheel!

So much fun at the Brookfield Zoo!

Love this last photo!

Thank you Taz and Kamil for having me as your wedding photographer! We had such a great time! From roaring lions to peacocks crowing! You were both so great to photograph and I am thankful to have been apart of your lives!

with love,



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