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Chicago Indian Orthodox Wedding Photography

I’ve had a great time getting to know Anita + Deepak during their two part engagement session…where we took photos with the Chicago skyline and the Seattle Space Needle. If you haven’t already, check out their Chicago Engagement Photos Blog Post!

I had a great time seeing so many old friends & their families at this wedding – one of the perks of being a wedding photographer, I get to connect with people that I haven’t seen in awhile!

Here’s one of my favorites from their creative wedding photos! We headed down to Chicago’s Millennium Park to take some night photos in front of the water fountain! I love this silhouette photo of the newlyweds! And make sure you scroll down to see the photos we took in front of the Adler Planetarium – the best view of the Chicago Skyline! And it looks even better at night!

chicago millennium park night wedding photo

We started the day at Anita’s house for getting ready photos and a traditional Indian Orthodox prayer ceremony


I love this moment between the bride and her mom- photographed in a mirror –



Anita’s fall wedding bouquet-


I loved Anita’s veil – so pretty!

chicago indian bride wedding photo

A lovely portrait of the bride-

chicago indian wedding photo

Anita looks amazing! I’m glad we had a few minutes to take these photos before all the events of the day started!

chicago indian bride wedding picture

Indian Orthodox pre-ceremony prayer ceremony-


Anita’s emotions as she hugs and kisses her mom – what a special moment + photo!

emotional wedding photo indian prayer ceremony

Deepak and the guys were getting ready at a hotel-


Anita’s gift to him rang true to his heart – a Seahawks jersey =)


The groom looking good for his bride!

chicago indian groom wedding photo

Prayer ceremony picture with Deepak’s parents-

indian prayer ceremony wedding photo

Dad was getting a little emotional too-

indian prayer ceremony wedding picture

Indian Wedding Ceremony Pictures

A photo of the gold chain that is used for the crowning ceremony and the minnu that Anita will wear- On top of the sari that will be worn by bride at the reception!


The cute flowergirls!


A photo of the bride walking down the aisle and the large cross above her-

indian christian wedding ceremony photo

I turned around and saw the groom getting a little emotional-


The beautiful Oakbrook church-




A picture of the crowning ceremony in an Indian Orthodox wedding ceremony

indian orthodox wedding ceremony picture

The important tying of the minnu by the groom –

indian orthodox wedding ceremony photo

And the last important Indian Orthodox wedding ceremony tradition – the Manthrakodi, where the groom places the sari on his brides head-

indian orthodox wedding ceremony photo

indian orthodox wedding ceremony picture

Chicago Skyline at Night! The Adler Planetarium View

We drove in from Oakbrook to downtown Chicago to grab these epic photos of the Chicago skyline at night! We were right in front of the Adler Planetarium which has the best views of the Chicago skyline!

chicago skyline adler planetarium night wedding photo

The Chicago skyline is glowing at night!

chicago skyline adler planetarium night wedding picture

Bridesmaid photo-

chicago skyline night wedding picture adler planetarium

Groomsmen photo-

chicago skyline night wedding photo adler planetarium

One my other favorites from the night – what an epic Chicago skyline wedding photo!

chicago skyline night adler planetarium wedding photo

Millennium Park at Night!

Ever since I took at walk in Millennium park at night this past fall, I’ve been wanting to photograph a bride and groom in front of this water fountain! We started with a groomsmen silhouette photo-

chicago millennium park night wedding photo

Bridesmaid silhouette

chicago millennium park night wedding picture

Bride and groom!

chicago millennium park night wedding picture

And we turned around and grabbed a quick photo of the Chicago skyline from inside Millennium Park!

chicago night wedding photo

Back at the reception – a picture of their wedding cake!





One last Indian wedding tradition – the milk ceremony!


They played a fun game incorporating Deepak’s love for the Seattle Seahawks-


Deepak’s sister and future brother-in-law sang a song for the newlyweds!


Deepak’s sister gave a touching toast –


One of their flowergirls performed this dance!


And then a group of their friends danced!


Mad props to them for performing this move where the girls are swung behind their backs!





One last photo of the bride and groom – with her new wedding sari!


Congrats Anita + Deepak! Thanks for being willing to stand outside for those Chicago skyline + Millennium Park photos! I think they were pretty epic and worth the shivering! May you both continue to grow in your faith as you begin this new chapter in your lives!

with love,

your Chicago wedding photographer,


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