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Chicago Pakistani Mendhi Photos // Renaissance Chicago North Shore // M&D!

Chicago Pakistani Mendhi Photos

One of the great things about Chicago is the diversity of its population. I have photographed Vietnamese, Mexican, Polish, Lithuanian, Irish, African American, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, etc wedding…all here in Chicago! And that’s just the cultures off the top of my head! And while each culture has their own wedding traditions…nothing quite takes the cake like a Pakistani wedding!

Madiha and Danish commissioned me to be apart of their four day Pakistani Wedding celebration! I will be posting wedding photos from each day here on the blog! So make sure you come back for more in the coming days! If you wanted to see photos from their engagement photography session, you can see their engagement blog post here!

Today I am sharing photos from their Mendhi party! There is so much meaning to what is happening here…and I cannot do it proper justice. And I am not ‘exactly’ sure either. =)

We started the afternoon in Northbrook at Madiha’s parent’s house. It was my first time meeting Jillian from Perfect Hair Anywhere. And after seeing what Jillian did with Madiha’s hair each day…let me tell you…she did a phenomenal job! By the end of four days together…I kinda missed hanging out with Jillian and Madiha. =)

Wedding Coordinating: Oliveaire Artisan Events

The Mendhi celebration was also coordinated by the wonderful team over at Oliveaire Artisan Events & Meetings. Their team of professionals made sure everything was running smoothly and all the little details were taken care of! And with this four day Pakistani wedding, there were a LOT of details to manage! Great job Zeena over at Oliveaire!

Wedding Venue: Renaissance Chicago North Shore

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I thought to take a photo of the flower jewelry in a creative way. Here I put her flower earring in a display case. Apparently Madiha’s mom loves to collect these little pieces…so I thought to incorporate that into her flower jewelry photo!

The last time this ring is going to be without the wedding bands! =) I loved the colors of her dress and the henna on her hand!

The flower jewelry that Jillian from Perfect Hair Anywhere was incorporating into the bride’s hair.

Love the flower jewelry and her ring!

chicago pakistani mendhi photos

The beautiful bride before heading out to the Renaissance Chicago North Shore!

I love this picture of the bride before the Mendhi ceremony started

Introducing Danish…the groom

Zeena from Oliveaire Artisan Events did a great job with the decor! They really transformed the Renaissance Chicago North Shore ballroom into a dreamy location!

Chicago Pakistani Mendhi Photos // Decor at Renaissance North Shore

Another Renaissance ballroom picture

chicago pakistani mendhi photos

White leather lounge areas for the wedding guests

And the Mendhi Celebration begins!

The groom being escorted by his boys in blue-

The bride is lead by her brother and a bunch of other guys wearing pink! I love how the pink and the blue came together! They look great in the photos!

The bride being carried into the room!


Chicago Pakistani Mendhi Photos // Ceremony

And from here- there are a bunch of Mendhi traditions! The whole family is involved during and Pakistani wedding celebration!

After the ceremonies were over, the bride’s brother came up to sing a few songs

And if you’ve ever been to a Pakistani wedding before…you’ve probably seen a performance like this one!

Thanks so much for reading and enjoying these Chicago Pakistani Mendhi photos! Stay tuned as I post the rest of their wedding photos in the coming days!!! There are so many MORE amazing photos to share!


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