Praying For Ella Joy!

Friends and Family

I am thankful to have large network of friends from my time at my college church, Covenant Fellowship Church in Champaign, IL. I consider many of these friends apart of my church family…even though we haven’t seen each other for years. That’s just the way we are. Now that I’ve opened my Chicago photo studio, I’ve had the joy of photographing many weddings and families from this extended family of mine.

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On October 1st…I paused to pray when I saw Anne’s Facebook status as an urgent prayer request for their daughter (whom I had never met) as she was going to get a biopsy on her enlarged lymph nodes. Like so many others, I ‘liked’ the status and proceed to pray for Anne + Mike and their daughter, Ella Joy.

Then on October 9th, Anne shared a newly created blog for Ella Joy. It was here that she shared with all of us on facebook that their 4 year old daughter had been diagnosed with Stage-4 non-Hodgkins t-cell Lymphoma cancer. =(

My heart broke for Anne + Mike and for their daughter. As an uncle to 3 nephews and 5 nieces, I could only imagine the pain and hurt my friends were feeling at the moment. Only a few months ago a small group member had lost her father to cancer.

Knowing that chemotherapy can be exhausting, taxing, and cause hair loss…I had to reach out. They were getting treatment right here in Chicago- so right after I finished reading her blog…I messaged Anne.

Anne – My photo studio is located near North/Clybourn – if you were interested -swing by and let’s take some family photos in the studio or at Lincoln Park – My heart + prayers go out to your family- sooner than later would be best for Ella Joy

We had a great time taking these portraits here at my Chicago photo studio, but after they left…I found tears flowing down my face as I edited these beautiful pictures. There is so much power in a photograph. We can easily take for granted the ‘time we have’ and never bother to stop for professional photos…I am so glad Anne + Mike took the time to come in and have these photos taken. I hope these photos bring them little rays of light during these difficult times.

I hope you can see and feel the the love that little Ella Joy has for her family! And if you would be so inclined, would you lift up a prayer for this little girl and her family?

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Family Portrait!

chicago family photographer

Sibling love

chicago portrait photographer

chicago family photos

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Daddy + daughter photo. Mike- she is your beautiful princess…and she knows you love her so much.

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Mommy + daughter picture – I love how they laugh together!

chicago family photos

One last family picture together!

chicago family photographer

Mike + Anne – May you know His strength + intimacy during these times. Thank you for taking the time to come into the studio for your portrait session! It was definitely worth it! Ella Joy – You are a princess. You are beautiful and I am thankful to have had the privilege to spend an hour with you! I am praying for you! Thank you for making me laugh so much!

with love,

your Chicago family portrait photographer,


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