Cute Portraits of the Twins…who turn 1!

Happy Birthday to O and L who are having their 1st Year Birthday party today! I rushed home after this photoshoot and am staying up late burning the midnight oil so they can have this slideshow to share with friends and family at their birthday party! Half Korean and half Greek- so cute! Kor-eek or Gree-rean. =)

The twins were soooooo cute! And being an uncle two 2 nephews and 5 nieces, I love taking photos of kids! I really try to capture as many ‘looks’ as I can…b/c we all know how quickly children change! It’s great to see how a photo can really capture a kid’s thoughts and personality traits. Anyhow…enjoy the photos!

A fun moment-

Like most 1yr olds, he is teething and wants to put anything and everything in his mouth!

A cute portrait

A photo capturing where their progress towards walking. They can stand…and that’s it…for now! =)

In Korean tradition, the 1 year birthday is important. They typically dress the kids up in a ‘hambook’ (am I spelling this correctly?)

And one last photo of the two of them together!

And a slideshow with more photos from the portrait session!

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