More Italy fun! Stroncone – Assisi – Narni – Pompeii

My photoventure continues! Here are some photos from Stroncone, Assisi, Narni and Pompeii. I am continually being amazed by the beauty that is found in the ancient artifacts and ruins found here.

We stayed a couple nights in Stroncone, a small castle village that is in amazing condition. Walking the streets really takes you back a couple hundred years.

A Stroncone building

Another photos of a Stroncone street

A pretty awesome doorknocker

We then headed to Narni to check out an old church that was discovered underground. Narni Sotteranea is the name of this location.

They also found a rare room used during the inquisition. They ‘tortured’ people who violated the different rules set forth by the Catholic Church at that time in history. This photo is of the ankle bindings on a table made to hold down the violators.

There is also a small prisoner room where there is a TON of writing on the walls. It was pretty surreal to be in a room where people held awaiting torture or just after being tortured.

Afterwards we headed out to Assisi, the site of Saint Francis of Assisi’s tomb. I’ve always been a fan of St Francis as he has a quote that is so often quoted by Christians and Catholics alike:

Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.

I really wanted to take a moment and reflect in this beautiful church. Photo are forbidden in the Church, but my friend Matt happened to grab this shot of me praying-

Just within walking distance is the oldest church in Assisi – Santo Santo Church. This place is pretty phenomenal.

The view from atop of Assisi

Pompeii is another amazing place. I’ve read about Pompeii in social studies and have seen a couple pictures. But none of this prepared me for what I saw when I was walking around. Pompeii is huge! It is unbelievable what has been excavated and found.

Here you can see the blue and red plaster that covered the brick walls in Pompeii

The plaster mold that shows just how this person died the moment the volcano erupted with hot ash and gas.

Pompeii had an awesome sauna and hot tub-

My friend Matt needed some lip gloss put on-

A kitchen in Pompeii

A wealthy man’s house with a kickin courtyard

The smaller of the two amphitheaters in Pompeii

More to come tomorrow!


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