Shomari & Natasha’s Esession

Last Friday, I had a great time chillin with Shomari & Natasha at the Garfield Conservatory. I had never been there before…and as Natasha pointed out…it was really cool to see all the different varieties of vegetation that God has created. The weather was perfect, and these two kept generating great photos as they kept joking around, smiling and laughing with each other. =)

Just them being them…I didn’t tell them to do this. =)

Finding refuge under an ‘umbrella’ plant leaf. The thing was huge.

A quiet moment under a large palm/fern tree thingy…

Shomari magically grew two extra limbs while at the conservatory.

A beautiful room with lush plants…

So here’s a plug: The Garfield Conservatory has these “Niki” sculptures throughout the park. So Shomari & Natasha decided to do their best imitations of “Niki”

She’s got a devious smile on her face…because she’s just begun tickling him as this picture is snapped.

A shout out to Shomari for being a good ‘model’ and lying on the grass. Apparently this is not a favorite activity of his. Be sure to tell him that these pics are good and it was worth the effort. =)

Reflections next to this gigantic mosaic sculpture made of mirrors.

Then we headed over to Hyde Park to grab some shots…must be a popular photo site as another group was there taking formal wedding pictures.

This is my favorite pic of the day:

Finding a moment in nature…

One last shot before we left.

And of course this guy: He loves Burger King, Chinese Buffet, and being a model. But he didn’t want to join us on our long photoshoot. =( So we had to settle for a few at the house before I left.

Thanks so much for showing me around the area- I had a great time, and I can’t wait ’til the wedding date!

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