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New Orleans Engagement Session Part 1! Hannah & Jason!

Last month Hannah and Jason booked me for an ‘Epic’ engagement session! This was two days of intense photography in New Orleans! A destination engagement session! It was my first time in NOLA, and I had a fabulous time! Thanks to Hannah and Jason for showing me around and being so willing to take these photos!

Right after we landed, we headed to lunch at Drago’s! As soon as we walked in, the oyster bar looked familiar…Drago’s was on the Food Network TV show, “The Best Things I Ever Ate“! I watch this show regularly and I was excited to eat their famous charbroiled oysters! hmmmm! Here’s a pic for you all-

The oysters from Dragos were the real deal. But the entree I had, fried softshell crab…was off the hook! Combined with the charbroiled oysters…this was easily one of the top two meals I’ve eaten in 2010. This crab was huge…the size of both of my hands! Unbelievable. Drago’s is a must visit.

We started our time in New Orleans with a trip out to the Garden District. Some pretty huge and old houses lined the main streets! It was fun exploring different buildings! I love the couch in this next photo-

And nothing says New Orleans like a streetcar trolley rolling by! And you know can know we are in the Garden District by the color of the streetcar.

We headed to a local park in the Garden District, and I was taken back by this tree! I loved the ‘moss stuff’ hanging on the tree branches in this next photo. If anyone knows what this ‘moss stuff’ is…feel free to let me know!

While I was snapping away…they had this fun pose! Shot with a manual focus Nikon 50 1.2 – the ‘glow’ and ‘rainbow’ in these next two photos is not from photoshop…but from the lens- I love it!

I love the smiles and emotions in this photo!

Another distinct tree to be photographed-

I love the NOLA street cars!

We got the streetcar wires in the background of this photo

As the sun was setting we found spot in the Warehouse district of New Orleans and captured this gorgeous light

I love this photo of the two of them laughing!

More fun photos in the warehouse district!

There is a whole fun story behind this photo…but regardless…I love their real smiles and emotions.

And to close this part 1 of the ‘Epic’ New Orleans Engagement Session, I leave you with one last shot in the Warehouse district- I love the symmetry and leading lines in this photo.

Thanks Hannah and Jason for a great time! Thankfully there are so many more photos to share! Stay tuned for more photos! =)

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