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Taking a day trip outside of Chicago for photos!

Living in Chicago, we sometimes don’t realize all the beauty that surrounds our wonderful city. Case in point: The lighthouse in Michigan City. The only thing I know in Michignan City are the outlet stores! I never realized there was a lighthouse there until a couple photography friends from Michigan City recommended the location to me. Thanks to Erin & Wendy for the suggestion!

Mike & Sue went to the same college, and the same church…but they really didn’t know each other at that time. Flash forward a couple years…up in Chicago…a few sparks fly and the rest is history. =)

Heading out to Michigan City was a bit of a day trip. Round trip we probably spent over 3 hours in the car together…but talking to these two was like talking two lifelong friends. Fueled by McDonald’s sweet tea (easy on the ice) we had an awesome time shooting these creative photos in a new location.

***more photos are on my facebook page! feel free to ‘friend’ me if you can’t see the photos!***

Before getting into the photo set, I want to share with you my favorite photo from the session. While on our photoshoot, we could see the clouds rolling in and the rain began to drizzle as we were finishing up our photos at the beach. The clouds really helped to create this awesome photo! It’s a little more on the ‘creative’ side…and I absolutely love it!

When we first arrived, the sun was shining and offering all kinds of gorgeous light!

I feel like singing the theme song from the TV show “California Dreams” when I look at this photo- it definitely doesn’t feel like Lake Michigan.

A little bit of fun-

Gotta love their smiles!

It was awesome to see them smiling and having fun in our photoshoot!

I don’t know…maybe it’s just me, but I love this lighthouse! Maybe from the fact that we really don’t have any in Chicago…

And after the sun set…we grabbed this photo next to a street lamp.

Sue & Mike: I can’t wait until your wedding!

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