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Jason and Latoi’s Engagement Session

I just met Latoi last week. Her wedding is this Sunday! Apparently they had a last minute change of plans with their photographer, and so they called me up. I am so glad they did, as we had a great time this afternoon near the Museum of Science and Industry. They had this area all scoped out and knew where they wanted to be photographed.

To start off, we warmed up by snapping a few in this really cool-random-archway-structure thingy. I have no idea what is used for except that it was really cool to grab some shots in there.

They brought their puppy along…he is so cute and he only barked when J&L were paying more attention to the camera than to him. =)

Don’t ask me why the water is so blue from this angle. It almost looks like Hawaii or something…we all know Lake Michigan does not look this beautiful everyday. (well maybe it does…after all…I just live in the suburbs)

So here they are all ready to get in the water for a stroll…

and when Jason and Latoi give each other a hug…guess who turns around to look!

Today was a beautiful day to be out and abouts…

In deep reflection upon their impending marriage. =)

The softer side of Jason:

The manly side of Jason:

We did mention that this was an engagement photoshoot right? (props to Kenny Kim- I saw a similar shot in one of his pictures)

My favorite shot of the day: yeah!

I had so much fun you guys! Too bad I had to leave! Enjoy the pics and see you Sunday!


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