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First engagement session of spring! Justine & Jordan!

They became friends though they lived thousands of miles away from each other. And while the Pacific Ocean may be a physical barrier, the internet can bring people together. She came all the way from New Zealand. From gorgeous New Zealand to America.

Now I was warned that Justine thinks she is not a photogenic person. (say it with a New Zealander’s accent, it’s way cooler) But I think these eleven photos say otherwise! =)

Justine loves architecture and so we settled on downtown Glencoe, IL as the backdrop for our engagement session photoshoot. Glencoe is a quaint town with a variety of structures and buildings. We took a lot of photos, but I tried to narrow down for the blog.

I saw the shadows on the ground and really wanted to utilize them in a shot. It’s a good thing I am six feet tall to grab a shot like this-

I love their smiles in this photos- they couldn’t keep from smiling when they were with each other-

I love this photo of Justine. The moment and her smile just make me want to smile as well. =) =D

A very real moment- I didn’t tell them to do this, I love it-

We took this photo when Jordan was telling me about his love for Justine. The smiles are all real and you can see a little sparkle in Justine’s eyes-

wow…what an unphotogenic couple! =P Jordan & Justine: you guys were great! Thank you for keeping it real and your willingness to walk around all over downtown Glencoe for these photos! Your wedding photos are due up next! =)


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