Engagement Photos in Downtown Chicago! Marzena + Jesse!

Chicago Engagement Photos!

I was so excited to be Marzena + Jesse’s engagement photographer! I knew how exited they were for their shoot and I wanted to make sure they came away with great photos! They love my creative approach and they wanted an urban look for their engagement pictures.

The sun was beginning to set…so we got these cool photos in an alley-

city urban engagement photos

city urban engagement pictures

I love this warehouse we found-

city urban warehouse engagement photos

A photo in front of this graffiti- Her blue dress just pops w/color!

city graffiti engagement photos

I zoomed in tight for this photo-

fashion engagement photos

I love their smiles and laughs in this photo! =)

A great picture of the two of them!

We made sure to include the Willis tower in the background of one engagement photo! Nothing says Chicago like the skyline!

chicago city engagement photos

Found a great urban spot for this photo- Chicago at night looks completely different!

chicago city engagement pictures

We headed downtown and found some great spots for pictures!

nighttime downtown chicago city engagement photos

So romantic- Chicago feels so different at night! The lights make for a completely different ambiance!

downtown chicago city engagement photos at night

These cool tree lights filled up the foreground!

nighttime chicago engagement photos

Love the colors!

nighttime city engagement photos

We found an alley and the two of them had some fun =)

city engagement photos at night

And my favorite shot of the night- I set my camera to blur the car driving by- Goodtimes in the city! I can’t wait to share their wedding photos with you! Stay tuned to this blog! =)

night downtown chicago city engagement photos

Thanks for a great time Marzena + Jesse! It was great to get to know you both before your wedding! You guys were so great to work with!

with love,

your Chicago engagement photographer,


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