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Gorgeous Photos of Chicago with Chad + Fara!

Beautiful Engagement Session Photos with Chad + Fara!

We took so many beautiful photos around Chicago, but I have to show you my favorite…in front of the famous Chicago Buckingham Fountain at night! I love their silhouettes! As an engagement photographer…I love capturing these epic engagement pictures for my clients!

night chicago engagement session photos evening buckingham fountain

We were able to catch the setting sun over the Chicago skyline!

chicago skyline engagement photographer

Lincoln Park Engagement Photos

We started their engagement session at Lincoln Park! We decided to take their first photos in front of their wedding venue…Cafe Brauer at Lincoln Park Zoo!

lincoln park engagement session photos

Lincoln Park has beautiful greenery and is the perfect backdrop for an engagement session!

lincoln park engagement session photos

lincoln park engagement session pictures

This photo has the Chicago skyline over the South Pond at Lincoln Park…but don’t miss the engaged couple in the bottom left corner!

lincoln park engagement session pictures

Another picture with the Chicago skyline in the background-

lincoln park engagement session pictures


The setting sun cast this beautiful shadow across the bottom of the photo- parallels the skyline above it!

lincoln park engagement session photos

The Chicago Skyline

They wanted to have the Chicago skyline in their engagement session photos, so we made sure to grab a bunch!

chicago skyline engagement session pictures

I’m a sun flare loving photographer. If you don’t know what that means…you see the sun blazing through in the photo below? That’s sun flare. And I love it! =)

chicago skyline engagement photography


I love everything about this engagement photo: their energy, the sun flare, the skyline, the moment!

chicago skyline engagement session photos

Millennium Park Engagement Session

We headed to Millennium Park for a few engagement photos as the sun was setting! They look like models in a magazine!

millennium park engagement session pictures

millennium park engagement session photos

Millennium Park at night! I love the warm glow of the stage lights behind them!

millennium park engagement session photographer

millennium park engagement session photos

millennium park engagement session pictures

Buckingham Fountain Nighttime Engagement Photos

Our last stop of the night was at the Chicago Buckingham Fountain! I love how the city and the fountain come alive at night! It takes a unique set of photographer skills to photograph Chicago at night!

evening chicago engagement session photos night buckingham fountain

Dancing in front of the Buckingham Fountain at night! So romantic!
night chicago engagement session pictures evening buckingham fountain

And one last nighttime engagement session picture!

evening chicago engagement session pictures night buckingham fountain

Thanks Fara + Chad for a great session all over Chicago! The nighttime photos are amazing! They are going to look so great on your walls! Can’t wait til the wedding!

with love,

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