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Jaw Dropping Engagement Session Photos at Night – Arielle + Brett!

My Best Nighttime Engagement Session Photo Ever?

I know this is bold of me to say…but I think this first nightime engagement picture taken at Millennium Park might be one of my best engagement photos ever. I love the color, the composition and their pose! And I love the feel of Chicago at night! I’ve been shooting these nighttime engagement sessions for the last 5 years and they make my job as a Chicago engagement photographer all the more exciting! It is truly a thrill to capture a moment like this!

best chicago engagement photo millennium park night

Another Millennium Park engagement picture! I love the reflection off of the wet ground! I just feel the energy in this photo! There are more nighttime engagement photos at the bottom of the this blog post…so scroll down for more!
best chicago engagement pictures millennium park night

Chicago Engagement Session Photos

We started their day by the Chicago river!

chicago engagement photographer river


Nothing says Chicago more than the Wrigley building in the background!

chicago engagement session pictures

chicago engagement session photos

The Marina City towers are also pretty iconic structures in Chicago…I used to call them the ‘corn on the cob’ buildings when I was a kid =)



We took a few pictures at their hotel…and as much as we take amazing engagement session pictures all over Chicago…I LOVE this photo of the two of them!






Millennium Park Engagement Pictures at Night

Wow…these next few photos are some of the best engagement photos I have ever taken in Chicago at night- I love the composition, the red color & the Chicago skyline in the background! Moments like this…I am thankful for my job as a photographer!

best chicago engagement picture millennium park night

And if you didn’t know…Arielle can dance! Brett does a good job of holding her hand while she twirls around! The Millennium Park bandshell glows different colors at night! So romantic!

best chicago engagement photos millennium park nighttime

millennium park night engagement session photos

Only at night do these Millennium Park colors come out!

millennium park night engagement session photos

Stealing a kiss during their session =)

millennium park nighttime engagement session photos

We stopped by the iconic Bean for a couple photos! It looks so different at night!

millennium park nighttime engagement session pictures

One last photo from their engagement session!

chicago nighttime engagement session photos night

Thanks Arielle + Brett for braving our Chicago weather for these engagement pictures! They are the best! Millennium Park made for the perfect backdrop for you guys! Can’t wait until the wedding!

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